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mid-life-climate-crisis & regenerative farming

I have always loved growing plants and raising animals. My mid-life crisis led me to regenerative agriculture. After learning that each year farming causes huge amounts of topsoil to erode into the ocean, releasing carbon into the air, essentially speeding up climate change and causing desertification of the planet, I knew what I would do with this, the 2nd half of my life. I was lucky enough to have found a partner brave enough to come along for the adventure. 


about lahave regenerative farm

We started farming July 2021. When we first started out, I had raised chickens and goats in the city. I had done a tremendous amount of research and planning. I have made a thousand mistakes and make more daily. Learning so much and so quickly. We have had some amazing successes and some very sad days. Growing food for a community while being surrounded by nature, animals, and amazing flora is a gift. Follow our BLOG to see our progress. Purchase livestock and food HERE.

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